There is always the possibility that weather conditions will necessitate the closure of some schools or interrupt transportation services. Usually, decisions on these matters are made in the early morning. There are five ways information on closures will be shared:

    1. A message will be posted on the home page at www.nssed.org as soon as a decision on closing is made by the Superintendent.

    2. NSSED will activate its telephone messaging system, notifying staff and parents.

    3. NSSED will send an email to all staff and parents.

    4. Status will be sent to the following media: WGN 720AM, WBBM 780AM, CBS-TV, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, WGN-TV, WFLD-TV, and CLTV-Cable.

    5. The closings will be posted on the regional Emergency Closing website (http://www.emergencyclosingcenter.com)