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    volunteer NSSED created a District Partnership Team whose purpose is to write and implement plans for family and community involvement that will help us reach desired outcomes for students, families and NSSED as a whole. (For additional information regarding partnership please refer to our Partnership Program page under Resources.) A cornerstone of all partnership work is an active volunteer program; therefore, the District Partnership Team determined the establishment of an NSSED volunteer program to be its highest priority. Our vision is that NSSED volunteer activities will cover the arc of our students’ lives, from their time in school through to adult life.

    How do I become a volunteer?

    Individuals interested in volunteering with NSSED attend a general orientation session to learn about the district and specific volunteer opportunities. Prospective volunteers fill out an application to indicate their interests, availability, experience and service area preferences. We will discuss open volunteer opportunities with you to help match your qualifications and interests with NSSED’s current needs. In addition to the general orientation, you will receive on the job training from fellow volunteers and your NSSED supervisor. Specific training is offered and required for some volunteer positions.

    New Volunteer Opportunities

    Special Needs Employment Specialist
    The function is to offer on-site support to young adults with varying levels of  disabilities enabling them to become active wage earning members of the workforce and community. This would involve being present at the job, working in collaboration with other staff and supervisors to improve employment outcomes. Training and observations are necessary and will be specific to each case until a level of comfort is reached by all those involved. Time commitment - flexible

    Garden Support
    Help keep the weeds and crops in check in our student run garden at Wagner Farm. Our NSSED students are in charge of planning, planting and tending our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for our customers. Time commitment -flexible

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